Sunday, September 25, 2011


"In order to teach Children, you must love them"

             Learning they say is hard so as to teaching. To learn, one must get to know the different things, from simple ideas to more complex.

             Also, in teaching, many things are to be learned not only by the  students but also to the part of the teacher.

             In order a teacher to learn, he must be effective and   well versed to the different methods or strategies he will use to make his teaching more innovative. Effective teaching is said to be achieved if a student has learned something from what the teacher taught.

             In these field studies, I have found out that real teaching can be seen when you are in the location where the teaching and learning takes place. I believe that a teacher can be developed if he sees the reality of teaching. And that's what I've experienced during my Field Study  journey.


by: Ana Marie A. Novales

   I believe that everyone is unique in their own ways. People have different personalities. Thus, they too have different abilities. As for me, students are more likely a group of people who in one hand have different capabilities. With their differences, I as a teacher must adjust to them for I believe that when a teacher understands his/ her students and accepts the differences they have, the teaching and learning will be achieved in its easiest ways with harmony.


by: Ana Marie A. Novales

      "To Teach is to love the children" 

       This is actually true in the teaching field.It is a fact that when a teacher firsts understands his learners, the learning is achieved with harmony. The teaching and learning process should always be based on the learners' interest. Teachers must give appropriate lessons that fit to the capabilities and likes of his learners. If in some instances where students have difficulties in learning for they have learning disabilities like dyslexia, the role of the teacher is to first change his strategies in teaching and make sure that he will give the the special attention they needed.


by: Ana Marie A. Novales

            The world of teaching doesn't only end at at school.  It doesn't only end when the school year ends or when the teacher finishers the chapters he taught from the book to his students. It also doesn't end when your pen's ink becomes empty. To learn is to to learn around. therefore, learning is everywhere and everywhere we learn different things from the simplest to more complex of learning.

    Simultaneously, as the learning takes place, of course we also have to remember that everything that we learn from the past to the present, these things are such valuable for these teach us how to become new and productive individuals. We are inspired of the lessons we took and definitely, these will last forever in n our memory. 

     And for us we should always remember that we must be able to influence the minds of many to become good and that we should be careful in touching the lives of people we once be part with.